Something for Nothing


Dog lived in the noisiest part of Bialystok. All day long he heard the hubbub of the nearby marketplace, and all night long he heard the banging and clanging of workmen unloading their goods. When he could take the racket no more, Dog set off for the country to find a quieter place to live.

On his first night in his new home, a gang of howling and yowling, hissing and screeching cats terrorize him, destroying his newfound peace and quiet. Inspired by a Jewish folk tale, how Dog outwits the rascally cats makes for a humorous, satisfying story.

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Written by Ann Redisch Stampler

Illustrated by Jacqueline M. Cohen

Published March 31, 2003 by Clarion/HMH

ISBN-10: 0618159827

ISBN-13: 9780618159826

Dimensions: 9.54 x 11.46 x 0.40 inches

Pages: 32   [ ADD TO GOODREADS ]

Something for Nothing


…clever story inspired by a Yiddish folktale…Stampler’s cache of onomatopoeic words makes for a diverting read-aloud”
(Publishers Weekly)

…bold, vibrant watercolors…are wonderfully evocative and detailed…an appealing story that would make a fine read-aloud with…sound effects.
(School Library Journal)

… old-fashioned tribute to the triumph of wit.

    • Aesop Accolade
    • Sydney Taylor Notable Book
    • Bank Street Best Books