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I was born in Connecticut, grew up mostly in Santa Barbara , and have lived my adult life in Los Angeles, where my novels Afterparty (Simon Pulse, 2014) and Where It Began (Simon Pulse, 2012) are set.   My husband is a psychologist and my children are a journalist and a filmmaker.  (The common theme here seems to be that we’re all deeply interested in dark secrets and stories.) I have a rescue dog, who is mostly interested in finding shoes to chew, who hangs out with me while I write, which would be perfect if he didn’t enjoy eating paper.

My forays into other careers notwithstanding, I have always wanted to be a writer, and have always, ever since I was first able to write, had notebooks and file folders and bankers’ boxes full of stories, and pieces of stories, and fragments of novels, and random paragraphs.  As a teenager, I saw myself as smart and socially hopeless.  Now I see myself as less smart and less hopeless, but I’m still basically the same person I’ve always been; I’m just a lot happier about it.

I believe with all my heart that people have every age they’ve ever been, and every feeling they’ve ever felt, in a rich, messy, mysterious place inside them.  And when I dip into all that wonderful, old stuff, YA novels are what I come up with.

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