I am here to tell you that several months before a new novel comes out, I start shopping for the characters. It isn’t pretty, and it might border on clinically insane, but given that I spent this morning online scrolling through some really nice Kate Spade earrings that would look so good at Afterparty, I have decided to come clean.Jpeg bulldog 57

Earlier this week, I sent a whole box of objects that characters in the book own up to the wonderful Jean Book Nerd, who is going to give them away as part of the Afterparty blog tour. (So if any characters come knocking in search of their bracelets, or movie posters, or makeup, you’ll know where to send them.)

This box was way late due to the fact that I couldn’t stop shoppping.

small nailpolish 6As in, Wait, what about the barrette Siobhan takes out of Emma’s hair that first day at Latimer? Wait, what about Emma’s tee shirt that her dad disapproves of, or Dylan’s tee shirt that her dad would disapprove of even more if he knew who wore it, and where, and when? Wait —

So I thought I’d share some of these objects, although possibly not Emma’s stash of Stila makeup (also in the box) which can probably get by without any fanfare.

smaller marley tee 2First — and rest assured that none of the characters is actually saddled with this one — it’s a wristlet with a picture of Mutt the English bulldog from next door on it.  Emma spends a certain amount of time sitting in her closet with Mutt, and I swear I didn’t go looking for this one: it jumped out at me!

Second — Siobhan’s gold nail polish (with a couple of other colors thrown in) that she peels off her fingernails in times of trouble.  Designer nail polish.  Would you expect anything else on her dressing table

And third — Emma’s Bob Marley tee shirt that her dad doesn’t approve of.  Apologies for the dreadful photo.  In real life it’s all graphic black and white and big and nice and tunic-y.  Obviously, Dr. Laz is crazy to object to this nice tee shirt.

Is there more?  You bet there’s more.  Lots more.

Stay tuned…

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